Our Rockstar Team

Carli - Owner


Hey there!  Carli is the proud owner of Blue Room, and has been part of Blue Room since 2010. She is an internationally trained Aesthetician and specializes in skincare and facials. Carli enjoys her balance of taking clients and being behind the scenes. She get's wildly excited about the little things - like supply delivery days, or talking about the science of skincare, or even blending beautiful new colour creations with Shellac. Carli truly has a passion for Blue Room; our spa family, our client family and each soul who enters our door.  

A little about Carli...

Where I need to travel: Everywhere.  My next trip will be my honeymoon in South East Asia!

Before I die: I will become a yoga teacher.

Scariest thing I've done: Moved to Australia for a year and skydived 14,000 ft over the Coral Sea.

Simple Pleasure: I love reading and falling asleep in the sun on my balcony. And I do love a good California Red Wine.

Past Life: I was a cheerleader and I taught gymnastics for about 15 years!

Next courses: Dermatology and Digital Marketing.

When not working, you'll find me: at yoga... or out and about!

Motto: Just Jump. Dive In. 

Let's Make Magic Happen.


Often quietly buzzing around or having a laugh, Carli's happy place is our Spa and her heart and soul is set on growing and building a beautiful lifestyle spa where our entire spa family - staff and clients - can Glow Forth and Conquer. xo

Senior Aesthetician, Lash Tech & Microblading Tech


 Our beautiful and crazy talented Sarah! 

 This chick truly knows skincare and Aesthetics and is a wealth of knowledge.

 Her services are meticulous and you can feel how passionate she is. We love her straightforward, honest and hard working nature. Since coming to Blue Room in 2017 she has made such an amazing impact on our team and we are better because of it.

A little  about Sarah

"I have been an Aesthetician for over 

10 years. I absolutely love Lashing! It's almost meditative. Speaking of, I am a Certified Yoga Instructor. Health and nutrition is very important to me. The thing I am most proud of in my life is my daughter. I love to go on hikes with my family and our dogs and I am also a total cat lover. Fun fact: I am obsessed with all things paranormal! I would love to travel the world and visit famous haunted places."


Full of smiles and positive energy and always keeping it real, clients love her skill and nurturing vibe. Book in with her she will rock your world.

Certified Aestheticians



Lara is a ray of sunshine every day! Whether being a killer Aesthetician (With 15 years experience) or managing the front end of the spa, Lara is always a burst of positive energy that's been shining at Blue Room since the beginning. As an Aesthetician, you'll probably find her in a wax room - she's a Hard Wax Queen!

A little about Lara:

"Where I need to Travel: I have always wanted to go back to Costa Rica. I also haven't done Europe properly.

Before I die I must drink Chardonnay in California!

My favourite times are: Wine'O Clock at the cottage with a killer Chardonnay, strapped into my snowboard at any hill or front seat in any of the scariest and biggest rollercoasters! So yeah...I love a thrill!

Scariest thing I've ever done: Bunjee jumped at Nevus in New Zealand!"


Lara is a pillar of Blue Room and clients adore her chill vibe. One appointment with her and you'll be a lifer.




Our lovely Tina.  With 19 years experience and a Blue Room Rockstar since 2013, Tina lights up our days and brings so much talent and love to this industry.

A little about Tina:
"I would say my jam is Gel Nails. (she also kills it with Hard Wax!!)
I totally love doing Bridal Makeup!
If I had another job I'd be : a personal shopper...I love shopping!
I freaking love: my kids!! They're the best things that's ever happened to me!
I love the simple pleasures in life. My fave night is Sunday night's in with a glass of Bodacious red watching my favourite show Outlander!
Before I die I must: travel to Vancouver to see Orca whales in the wild. Also take my kids to Scotland (dad's heritage) and Croatia (my background.)"
This chick is amazing. She's so loving and sweet and crazy talented! She makes us laugh and is a breath of fresh air when she walks in.  She's chatty and full of good vibes and smiles - you'll love her!



The Brazilian Bombshell herself - Amanda! 

Wow. What a talented and a beautifully soft, loving soul. We love Amanda and our clients absolutely adore her. She is also our Hard Wax Queen! An Aesthetician for over 16 years, she has  been a Blue Room Rockstar since 2016.

A little about Amanda:
Favourite Travel destination: Europe.
My heart is happiest: when I have my kids.I love love love Bonfires with a good glass of wine... and sunsets.
Secret Talent: Photography! I love photographing my kids as well as old architecture.
Irrational fear: snakes and sharks!!
If not doing this: I would be a photographer or a flight attendant - or something involving travel.
Scariest thing I've ever done: nothing! I'm a big chicken! I don't do anything scary!
Coolest thing I've done: swimming with Sea turtles in Curacao.
The Blue Room would not be the same without Amanda and we are so fortunate to have her on our team. You will find her mostly in wax rooms or giving phenomenal pedicures! Once a client of hers you'll be hooked for life.



Her bright, bubbly and contagious personality is an absolute smash and we are so happy to have Kat part of our team. We welcomed Kat as a Blue Room Rockstar in May 2019 and ever since she has grown as an amazing Aesthetician - her massage techniques are incredible! 

A little about Katherine:

Favourite animal: Panda (I have the cutest tattoo on my lower leg!!) and Cats!

Favourite place to travel: Florida Disney World!

I love to participate in Musical Theatre with my MYTP family and friends cast. I have been part of three productions: Grease, Little Mermaid and Alladin - and I am currently working on Elf!

On my day off, you can find me: on a patio with great friends enjoying a good drink!

I am scared of: Mice! Yikes!

Before I die: I will own a boat!

Scariest thing I've done: Cliff jumping.

Craziest Thing I've done: Gone to a paint party! Never heard of it? Ask me and I'll fill you in!

My favourite service: BioGel Nails.

In my next life I will be the next Jennifer Anniston!


The Blue Room is over the moon to have Kat part of our team. She is a junior Aesthetician with 3 years experience but she has grown so much already and her services are stellar. Let her rock your world!



An absolute beauty inside and out, Justina has been with Blue Room part-time for several years and we just can't get enough of her! She's been an Aesthetician for over 10 years and you'll likely find her giving a killer pedicure!

Justina is compassionate, caring and has a passion for the beauty industry.

A little about Justina:

I am an ECE for YMCA and previously for a Montessori school.

I am most definitely a crazy dog lady. King is my French Bulldog and I am in love!

Yes - I am a vegetarian!

I love doing Pedicures and Facials.

Favourite place I've been: Miami!

Secret talent: I can draw cartoon characters.

Irrational fear: bugs and rollercoasters.

Scariest thing I've done: Screamers Haunted House in Niagara Falls!

Coolest thing I've done: Zipline in Vegas!

Also- Circque du Soleil was mind-blowing!

I must travel to: Hawaii and swim in the ocean!

In my free time you can find me: at the dog park with my dog, or with my boyfriend watching scary movies!

My soul needs: to go to an Elephant Sanctuary. 


Justina's beautiful soul and compassion make her an incredible part of our team. She has this awesome ability to connect with everyone who walks through our doors. She will rock your world!

Spa Coordinator



Woohoo for Robin!

Robin has been with us since September 2018 but she's been in the Aesthetic industry for nearly 20 years and knows like everyone in town.  Currently she enjoys work full time for Halton School board  at a local school in Milton. 

Robin is a mum to her daughter who's 9 and loves getting crafty! Anywhere hot she's game to travel and she loves yoga. 

Robin keeps the spa running smoothly and is the voice of the spa on evenings and weekends. We are thrilled to have her part of our team - she's fun, funny and talkative and just an overall wicked addition to Blue Room.