Women's Body Waxing


Price List


Full Arms - 30

from shoulders to fingers

Underarms - 15

best to be deodorant free for this appt.

Full Arm & Underarm - 40

Bikini - 30

Underwear style - hair about palms width outside of a full bum bikini

Thong - 35

Thong / Sexy Bikini - all hair outside an itsy-bitsy thong bikini

Brazilian - 50

Full front to back and cheeks. Landing strip optional

Cheekini - 30

thru the middle (rear) and cheeks only

Full Leg - 55

up to bikini - down to toes

Full Leg & Bikini - 80

Full Leg & Thong - 85

Full Leg & Brazilian - 95

Half Leg - 30

Upper or Lower incl. knee

Half Leg & Bikini - 55

Half Leg & Thong - 60

Half Leg & Brazilian - 70

Women's Full Body - 150

Face, arms, underarms, full leg & brazilian ~ 2 hours

*CC Required upon booking Women's Full Body

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The lowdown on Waxing:

Ideal Length:

1cm / 1/4'' or the length of your lower lashes - or a grain of rice.


Exfoliate before your come in with a dry brush or a scrub. This helps loosen the hairs allowing them to be removed easier.

Pop a Tylenol if you're worried about pain or redness.

Wear Loose and Comfy Clothing Comfort is everything!

1 Week Post-Wax: Exfoliate again every few days.

Relax. You're in the best hands.


Public pools, lakes, etc... for 24 hours. (Bacteria...yikes!)

Tanning. Ouchie! Also the lotion and open pores could cause breakouts.

Gym or Sweat: That's gonna be uncomfortable! Try to go 24 hours before sweating it up.

Get Busy. (ahem...you know what we  mean. Trust us - it can wait a day!)