Oily, Acne & Combination

Oily Skin


Basic Signs:

Oily areas, could be reactive and sensitive, large pores, blackheads or whiteheads, blemishes, feels "greasy"

Focus On

Focusing on Re-educating, Balancing,

and Mattifying

Oily-Acneic Skin


Basic Signs:

Oily shiny skin, pimples, pustules and blackheads, large pores

Focus On

Focusing on  Re-educating, Balancing, Clarifying and Spot Treating

Combination Skin


Basic Signs:

Dry areas with T-Zone oiliness, larger pores, shiny skin, some blackheads or blemishes.

Focus On

Focus on Balancing, Hydration and Customization

Normal, Dry & Sensitive

Normal Skin


Basic Signs:

Zero to few imperfections, barely visible pores, glowing complexion

Focus On

Focus on Hydration, Exfoliation and Customization

Dry Skin


Basic Signs:

Tight and small pores, dull or rough complexion, visible lines, easily dried, itchy or redness, feels tight

Focus On

Focus on Hydration, Exfoliation and Strengthening 

Sensitive Skin


Basic Signs:

Redness, itchy, burning, ultra dry and tight, reactive and/or rosacea

Focus On

Focus on Hydration, Repairing and Calming

Mature, Hyperpigmented & Our Featured Brands

Mature Skin


Basic Signs:

Fine lines, wrinkles, lack of collagen and elastin & dull complexion

Focus On

Focusing on Firming, Hydration, Exfoliation and Customization



Basic Signs:

Dark spots such as age spots, liver spots, sun damage, acne scars or Melasma

Focus On

Focusing on lightening, brightening and evening out color

Skin Care Brands


Our typical recommendations of products and facials by brand. This is a guideline only and best to chat with us upon booking.

Teen or Acneic Skin - Moorspa

All Skin Types as well as AntiAging - Vivier