$500 - incl. 6 week touch up

 Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo treatment lasting about 2 years.The appointment is 2.5 hours and includes an in-depth consultation, numbing process and blading treatment. Clients are encouraged to return after approximately 6 weeks for their touch up. Clients are sent home with proper homecare procedures. 

* A Credit Card is requested upon booking.

Home Care

How to properly wash the brows

Wash the brows daily to prevent bacterial build-up. 

We recommend clients wash the area twice a day (morning and evening) using a a gentle soap or cleanser such as baby shampoo and apply aftercare product 3-4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before bed is a pretty good guide). 

First, wash the hands with soap and water then using tepid water, gently cleanse the area in a circular motion using the fingertips.  

Be mindful of not getting the area too soggy or wet with activities such as swimming, long hot showers, and hot yoga. Remember, the wound needs to dry up.

Please remember that washing the brows is NOT going to cause pigment loss during the healing process.


You are welcome to contact Sarah with any questions you may have: